Peggy Atwill, Marriage & Family Therapist

Path Hello and thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice in San Luis Obispo. I have found psychotherapy to be a powerful tool for positive change in a person's life. My purpose is to provide a setting and experience that is supportive of an individual or family to achieve their goals. The foundations of psychotherapy are confidentiality, safety and trust. These values are an important part of my work.

I offer individual and family psychotherapy. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents and their parents: married, single, or divorced. I specialize in: personal growth, the reduction of depression and anxiety, the resolution of trauma related to molestation, addiction issues, grief and loss.

I welcome your call to enquire, if you have questions about my practice, or you are interested in discussing the possibility of setting up an appointment.

Peggy Atwill, MFT

  • 1521 Higuera St. Suite D
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  • 805.234.6435
  • MFT 20838